Project Checklist

Criteria for Successful Projects

Do you feel you can confidently check off all of the following items as they relate to your organization's critical efforts?  If you hesitate on any one or more of these items, please 

                      We would love to share our thoughts with you and see how we can help:


  • Sponsors are committed to the objective and involved in the project

  • Project is consistent with the strategic vision for the organization - with a clear linkage to business goals

  • Project was started for the right reasons (e.g. more than implementation of new technology without regard for its purpose)

  • Project team is adequately staffed with experienced team members

  • Project scope, objectives, benefits and deliverables are clearly defined

  • Project plan is developed and actively maintained throughout the project’s lifecycle

  • Proper financials, ROI and other key metrics are identified and tracked

  • Funding and budgeting are sufficient to enable project success

  • Formal project management methodology and structure are in place
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