Our Clients

Representative Client Engagement Summaries

Revenue Redesign
The Revenue Redesign project focused on enhancing patient experience and increasing Allina's bottom line  by guiding business process redesign for revenue cycle processes including registration, scheduling, charging, coding, billing, receivables management, credit and collections, and cash receipt processes.  The improvements were implemented across the 100-plus sites.  The Gecko Group provided:

  • Day-to-day project management

  • On-going team development 

  • Training and organization design

  • Quality assurance review


Cardiology Operations Redesign

The Gecko Group was engaged to lead assessments and redesign efforts in the Abbott Northwestern hosptial cardiology clinic and catheterization lab.  The projects included a comprehensive assesments, approval and prioritization of recommendations and implemenation of new process, organization and technology solutions.  Results included increased operational efficiencies, patient, staff and physician satisfaction.


Cardiology Information Systems Selection and Implementation

The Gecko Group was engaged to lead a cardiology information system software selection and implementation project across AllinaHealth's three cardiology groups practicing at four acute care hospitals.  The project included definition of requirements, solicitation and review of vendor proposals, solution selection and implementation. 

Maple Grove Hospital

Cross Functional Hosptial Design and Build

The Gecko Group was contracted to participate in a cross-functional leadership team dedicated to designing, constructing and opening a “greenfield” community hospital. Key roles on this effort included:

  • Collaboration on facility design, construction, development of a patient-centered care delivery model, process definitions and development of a cultural profile 

  • Spearheading technology requirements definition and technology selection, development, integration and implementation efforts

  • Architected and implemented innovative technology solutions, including a nationally recognized integrated hospital communications infrastructure supporting effective patient and staff communication, increasing safety, efficiency, patient and staff satisfaction.

  • Program management a $20m expansion effort involving design, construction and IT


Strategic Operations Planning and Program Development

The Gecko Group provided leadership to various strategic growth and new program development efforts, including quantification of the opportunities, identification of requirements, sheparding approvals and oversight of implementaiton.  Efforts included:

  • Five-fold growth in family birth center services

  • Expansion of special care nursery from five beds to a planned 50 beds

  • Establishment of pediatric, non-invasive cardiology and orthopedic surgery services

  • Development of and support for a hospital-wide patient experience and engagement team

Regina Medical Center

Strategic Assessments

The Gecko Group led assessments of Regina's Information Technology and HIPAA strategies.

  • The IT assessment focused on developing a strategic plan for information technology investments, including identification of opportunities for improvement in technical infrastructure, hardware, software, and business processes for the IT department. Priority was given to identifying low-cost solutions and leveraging existing technologies where appropriate. Initiatives were defined including scope, effort estimates, associated costs, and a schedule for implementation.

  • The HIPAA assessment focused on identifying gaps between Regina’s current practices and HIPAA security and privacy regulations. The Gecko Group interviewed representatives from the organization, reviewed current policy and procedure documentation, as well as conducted facility inspections. The final results included a ranking of current practices and the potential risk level with respect to HIPAA compliance.

Minnesota Gastroenterology, P.A.

Intranet Solution Selection and Implementation

The Gecko Group worked with Minnesota Gastroenterology, P.A., to define requirements, evaluate vendors and select a suitable intranet solution package to support their practice. Upon selection, Gecko worked with client personnel to reach a contractual agreement for the purchase of software and appropriate vendor services to support the implementation.  The Gecko Group then led the project team in the configuration, testing, and implementation of the solution, including coordinating the purchase and installation of the appropriate system hardware and identifying appropriate documents to populate the intranet site. New policies and processes were defined to provide regular updates and content to the site.

The implementation of the intranet system improved employee communication by enabling employee driven communication, centralizing information sources, and providing real-time access to operational and employee information. It also reduced printing costs, as documents previously printed and mailed were moved to an online format.


Minneapolis-area Integrated Health and Delivery System

Product Benefit Database Development

The Gecko Group led the Business Architecture team in the development of a comprehensive Product Benefit Database intended to provide the definitive source of the clinent's product information for use in customer service, claims processing, care coordination, account management, and sales.  We were responsible for collaborating with the project’s 15 Business Liaisons to identify potential features, setting program priorities by business value, supporting project scope and delivery schedule by creating order of magnitude and detailed effort estimates, conducting business analysis and requirements gathering via use case development, and validating quality of delivery through functional test planning and execution.

Gecko was also responsible for creating and instilling the project methodology based on Rational Unified Process (RUP), creating process documentation, and conducting training.


Andersen Windows

ERP Selection 
The Gecko Group assisted Andersen Corporation with methodology, vendor background, and development of materials related to an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) selection. In this effort, Gecko was involved with a team of business unit personnel to review current business processes in preparation for a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems replacement. 

Product Configurator Development and Roll Out
The Gecko Group assisted Andersen and software vendor personnel to develop, implement and roll out multiple PC-based configuration solutions forAndersen's 5400 + dealers and distributor personnel. Gecko was responsible for the complete lifecycle of the project, including:

  • Requirements gathering

  • Software research and selection

  • Communication planning

  • Development and execution of a comprehensive train-the-trainer program

  • Software customization and configuration

  • Test planning and execution

  • Technical and end-user depoyment support

  • Vendor relationship management


Target Corporation

The Gecko Group worked with the .direct division of Target, providing  leadership and project management services. The team was responsible for analyzing current business processes, identifying opportunities for improvement, and mapping software and process solutions to benefit the business. Business processes in the following areas were developed to work with their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system:

  • Merchandising

  • Marketing

  • Customer Service

  • Fulfillment

  • Accounting

  • Forecasting, using Marketing/Merchandising Planning and Control System

The Gecko Group performed several roles in the course of the project including:

  • Gathered requirements for reports and conversion

  • Organized user training

  • Reviewed contract for purchasing Marketing/Merchandising Planning and Control System

  • Identified top management, organizational requirements to optimize organizational efficiency and make recommendations for implementation.



Retek Sales Audit
For the development of Retek Sales Audit - a new product in Retek's Enterprise suite - The Gecko Group provided key leadership and design skills, including requirements gathering, analysis, and conceptual and detailed design. Retek Sales Audit combines batch validation programs to fetch, analyze and import transaction log data with on-line screens for error correction, allowing clean data to be passed on to the merchandizing and data warehouse systems.

Retek Merchandising System - Grocery enhancements
The Gecko Group led the effort to add key new functionality for Grocery retailers to Retek's flagship product, Retek Merchandising System. As Project Manager, Gecko worked to define the project scope and timeline, developed work plans, and led a team of Retek and consultant personnel to design, develop, and test the necessary system enhancements.


Medtronic Corporation

Global Distribution Support

The Gecko Group worked with Medtronic in the realization of a long-range vision for a seamless global distribution process.  The project included configuration, design, and adaptation of new global business processes in Order Processing, Finance, Inventory Management, Demand Management, Pricing and Credit Services, affecting over 900 users. Our responsibilities included:

  • Requirements gathering

  • Software selection

  • Business process redesign

  • Software Configuration (including conference room pilot, interface design and development)

  • System, Integration, user acceptance and simulation testing

  • User training and implementation support


Cardiac Rhythm Management Business Architecture

The Cardiac Rhythm Management Business Architecture project was designed to help increase market share and better satisfy customer requirements by identifying opportunities to merge business processes, applications, and information toward common objectives. The Gecko Group laid the foundation for this architecture by completing the following activities:

  • Developed an as-is process and application model and an information framework to clearly understand and communicate how the business operates

  • Identified areas of redundancy or difficulty arising from conflicting processes, applications and information

  • Extrapolated a to-be process, application model and information flow for the future

The results of this model were used to develop Cardiac Rhythm Management's Long-Range IT plan, and subsequently led to an effort to select an APS vendor for implementation in the Tachyarrhythmia division.


Neurological Division Customer Relationship Management Solution Requirements
The Gecko Group was engaged to conduct initial high-level analysis and requirements for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. The approach was based on development of a high-level as-is model including process, organization, application, and data components. Future business objectives and goals were captured from the executive team. From this analysis Gecko worked with stakeholders in identifying the key business opportunities to be addressed. The project team then developed an overall program plan with estimated effort and duration estimates.